Sphere Wrap Deformer
Sphere Wrap Deformer
$16.75 | £11.50 | 15,00 € (excl. VAT/sales tax)  
A Cinema 4D plugin to wrap your geometry around a sphere.
  • An alternative mapping to the original 'Wrap' deformer
  • Creates one pole instead of two
  • Less pinching on front facing elements

Bendy Deformer Combo: buy Sphere Wrap Deformer + Scroll Roll Deformer + Rebend Deformer licences together and get 6% off their total price.

Sphere Wrap Deformer
  • Making small worlds?  
  • Or animating artwork over spherical logos?  
  • Sphere Wrap will help you achieve these and similar effects. 
Sphere Wrap Deformer
  • Layer up effects  
  • Difference Maps store the influence of Sphere Wrap in a vertex map for use in shaders and other deformers. 

Free video training for Sphere Wrap Deformer is available here.
Compatible with Cinema 4D R15-R21, Mac and Windows
30 Day Money Back Guarantee