Scroll Roll Deformer
Scroll Roll Deformer
$18.75 | £12.90 | 17,00 € (excl. VAT/sales tax)  
A Cinema 4D plugin to roll up your geometry.
  • Paper scrolls and red carpets made easy

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Scroll Roll Deformer
  • Just add Scroll Roll, and roll,  
  • or delve into the settings for a range of effects.  
  • Create bulges in your roll to make it look like you're rolling something up inside your geometry. 
Scroll Roll Deformer
  • Falloff Tab to control the effect,  
  • this works exactly as you're used to from Cinema 4D's built in deformers and Mograph effectors.  
Scroll Roll Deformer
  • Layer up effects  
  • Difference Maps store the influence of Scroll Roll in a vertex map for use in shaders and other deformers. 

Free video training for Scroll Roll Deformer is available here.
Compatible with Cinema 4D R15-R21, Mac and Windows
30 Day Money Back Guarantee