Motion Stretch Deformer
Motion Stretch Deformer
All our plugins have been discontinued, and won't be supported beyond Cinema 4D R21. Thanks to everyone who supported us, your existing licences will still work.

A deformer for Cinema 4D that stretches your object through time along the path of its animation.
  • Toon style motion blur
  • Easy motion trails
  • A little extra oomph for just about any animation


Motion Stretch Deformer
  • Motion Stretch can be applied to any polygon object,  
  • simply add; cache; and choose what length of time to stretch your objects over. 
Motion Stretch Deformer
  • Works with any deformer animation,  
  • including character animation, or simply animate your object's position, rotation or scale to create a trail. 
Motion Stretch Deformer
  • Layer up effects  
  • Difference Maps store the influence of Motion Stretch in a vertex map for use in shaders and other deformers. 

Free video training for Motion Stretch Deformer is available here.
Compatible with Cinema 4D R15-R21, Mac and Windows
30 Day Money Back Guarantee