Membrane Deformer
Membrane Deformer
All our plugins have been discontinued, and won't be supported beyond Cinema 4D R21. Thanks to everyone who supported us, your existing licences will still work.

A Cinema 4D plugin to make portions of your models stretchy. Your models' stretchy bits are automatically pulled around as you animate your model.
  • Easily rig stretchy bits of your models
  • Great for organic creature effects like webbed feet


Membrane Deformer
  • Includes squash and stretch  
  • Make your object's flexible bits thicker as they're pushed together and thinner as they're pulled apart. 
Membrane Deformer
  • Great for characters and creatures  
  • Apply it below the Skin object to stretch things between toes, arms, lips, or wherever you'd like some stretchy organic creature effects. 
Membrane Deformer
  • Get good results without tweaking in many cases,  
  • and includes powerful smoothing and sampling controls for better results with more complicated models. 

Free video training for Membrane Deformer is available here.
Compatible with Cinema 4D R15-R21, Mac and Windows
30 Day Money Back Guarantee