Impact Deformer
Impact Deformer
$32.50 | £22.50 | €29.00 (excl. VAT/sales tax)  
A Cinema 4D plugin for creating customised ripples in your objects.
  • Create custom ripple deformations
  • Define your impact shape with splines
  • Add subtle interactions, or dramatic collisions


Impact Deformer
  • Detailed ripple control  
  • Control the amount, width, height, growth and spread of your ripples.  
  • Different width and height settings are possible for each ripple for a more varied effect.  
Impact Deformer
  • Use most splines to create a wide range of custom ripple shapes  
  • Surround your logo or an object's outline with ripples to make it interact with other objects. 
Impact Deformer
  • Layer up effects  
  • Difference Maps store the influence of Impact in a vertex map for use in shaders and other deformers. 

Free video training for Impact Deformer is available here.
Compatible with Cinema 4D R15-R20, Mac and Windows
30 Day Money Back Guarantee