Grid has been discontinued, and won't be supported beyond Cinema 4D R19. Thanks to everyone who supported Grid, your existing licences will still work in R15-R19.

Grid is a layout system for Cinema 4D. Use Grid to create a layout of tiles, and choose what content to show in each tile.
  • Add powerful text instances and control tile padding
  • Split, merge, add and remove tiles dynamically
  • Animate your layouts with Mograph effectors
  • Great for laying out and animating titles, infographics and OSP

  • Grid creates tiles and provides you with the tools to modify them  
  • Split tiles, set their colour, add or remove them dynamically with the included Layout Modifiers. 
  • Use Cinema 4D's intuitive interface  
  • Layout Modifiers can be easily added, removed and swapped around.  
  • Quickly tweak your layouts to get the perfect result.  
  • Similar workflow to the tools you're already used to. 
  • Powerful text tools  
  • Easy to create extruded text objects, and keep your text aligned between tiles.  
  • Formula template feature (included in the full version) calculates dynamic numerical text to fit each tile. 
  • Tile padding  
  • Control the space around tiles, and around your tiles' content.  
  • Apply general padding to the whole layout, or use the Padding Modifier (included in the full version) to apply different padding options for your chosen tiles. 
  • Transform Area Modifier  
  • Animate some of your tiles while automatically squashing or stretching neighbouring tiles. 
  • Precision control with Tile Selectors  
  • Choose which tiles to alter with the Selection tab.  
  • Selections can be stacked and their influence added, subtracted or intersected to give you precise control. 
  • What's included?  
  • 2 Layout Generators - Grid and Layout;  
  • 11 Layout Modifiers - Set Instance, Set Text, Merge, Split, Insert, Remove, Padding*, Set Properties*, Transform, Transform Area and Transform Instance*;  
  • 7 Layout Selectors - All, Index, Index Range*, Column, Row, Falloff* and Modifier Position. 
  • Use Mograph effectors to super power your layouts  
  • If your edition of Cinema 4D includes Mograph or dynamics, use those on your Grid layouts to amp up your animation potential. 
  • * These plugins aren't available in the demo - once you've registered you can download the full version via our Plugin Manager to access all of Grid's features.