Curious Animal C4D Plugin Subscription
Curious Animal C4D Plugin Subscription
All our plugins have been discontinued, and won't be supported beyond Cinema 4D R21. Thanks to everyone who supported us, your existing licences will still work.

The Curious Animal C4D Plugin Subscription gives you access to our great range of Cinema 4D plugins for a low monthly fee.
  • Move subscription licences between machines
  • Access when you need it - one month at a time
  • Easy to cancel, then start up again later for future projects

Educational discounts of 90% off annual subscriptions are now available, use your '.edu' or '.ac.??' email address on checkout and coupon code 'EDUSUB'.

Compare Subscription and Perpetual Licences

This table provides a brief overview of the main differences between our subscription and our perpetual licences. You can buy perpetual licences for any of our products by visiting the individual product page and clicking the 'Buy Licence' button.

+ - Comparison of subscription and perpetual licences

  Subscription Perpetual licence
Included plugins Allows use of all the plugins in the What's Included list. If plugins are added to that list after your subscription starts, you'll be able to use them as well. A separate licence is required for each plugin you'd like to use.
Included updates Allows use of any updates to the included plugins. Updates are included until the next major version of the plugin (eg if you purchase a licence for version 1.0, you can use all 1.x updates for no extra charge, but there would be an upgrade fee to use version 2.0 or above).
Length of licence One calendar month from the day you start the subscription, recurring until you cancel your subscription. Cancelled subscriptions will work until the end of the current payment period, so you can cancel at any time and continue to use the plugins until that date. Usually forever. See your licence agreement for full details.
Frequency of payment You will be billed once every month for each subscription licence until you cancel your subscription. There is only one payment for each perpetual licence.
Refunds Subscription licences can be refunded within 30 days of the first subscription payment if they haven't been activated - see our refund policy for full details. Perpetual licences can be refunded within 30 days of purchase if they haven't been activated - see our refund policy for full details.
Internet connection Requires an Internet connection to use - subscriptions need to check their validity with our servers at least once every five days. Requires an Internet connection only for activation, and this can be done on a different computer - once activated these licences don't check in with our server (unless you need to reinstall them).
Manual activation No. Subscription licences have no manual activation option - the computer you're using them on must be able to connect to our servers via the Internet. Yes. If the Curious Animal Plugin Manager has trouble connecting to our servers while activating you'll be given the option to activate manually - you'll get a code and a web address to use on any computer (or smartphone) with Internet access to complete your activation.
Where you can use it Each subscription licence allows you to use all the included plugins with one installation of Cinema 4D at a time - all the plugins need to be used with the same Cinema 4D install. As each perpetual licence is separate, if you own licences for more than one plugin you can activate them on different machines (each licence can be used on one machine).
Moving plugin installs Each subscription licence is locked to a single Cinema 4D install at a time - you can deactivate it at any time and then reactivate it with a different Cinema 4D install to move your licence, as many times as you like. Perpetual licences are locked to the serial number of the Cinema 4D install you activate them with, if you move your Cinema 4D install to a different machine you can move your plugins along with it.
Upgrading Cinema 4D You can move your subscription licence to any version of Cinema 4D supported by our plugins (by deactivating and reactivating it), so no extra steps are needed if you upgrade to a new version of Cinema 4D. For perpetual licences we provide updated plugin serials at no extra charge when you upgrade to a newer version of Cinema 4D supported by our plugins, simply fill in our Updated Licence Form.
Licence Server Users Licence Server users can buy any number of subscription licences - these aren't tied to the number of Cinema 4D licences served by your Licence Server serial. To use perpetual licences with a Licence Server serial, you'll need the same number of plugin licences as there are Cinema 4D licences served by that serial - see the FAQ for more details.

Price Lock

The monthly price of new subscriptions is likely to change as more products are added, however the cost of existing subscriptions won't change. So if you already have a subscription licence when a new plugin is added you will be able to use the new plugin but the price you pay per month won't increase.

If you cancel your subscription (or if it is cancelled, eg due to out of date payment details) and later decide to start a new one, or you already have a subscription licence at an older price and you'd like to add another subscription licence, the higher price would apply to your new subscription.

Management and Cancellation

You can cancel your subscription at any time. When you cancel your subscription, it will continue until the next payment would have fallen due, and you won't be billed again.

+ - Subscription management and cancellation instructions

When you order a subscription licence Fastspring, our reseller, will send you an order email including a link to manage your subscription, similar to this one:

Subscription email

When you click that link the subscription manager will open in your browser:

Subscription manager

Use the 'Edit Subscription' link to update your payment details, or the 'Cancel Subscription' link to cancel the subscription - you will then be asked to confirm.

If you lose your subscription email from Fastspring, please contact us for assistance.

For compatibility information please see the individual plugin pages.