Privacy Policy

Curious Animal Limited collects and uses your personal data in four main ways: for our web servers, for our plugin licencing, for our newsletter, and via third party services. Read on for more information on what personal data we collect and how we use it.

You can see what personal information we store about you using this form, and if you have any questions or would like us to make a correction please contact us at

Other than as outlined in the sections below or as required by law we don't share your data, and we will never sell, rent or trade it. We don't store or have access to any financial information (eg credit card numbers). Your name and email address are the most personal data we might hold about you, and only where you've supplied that data either directly to us or via one of our resellers.

The data we store is located on our web servers in Germany. Some data may also be stored on our office computers in the UK - these have encrypted hard drives and aren't publicly accessible either physically or online. Additionally some third parties may store information for us, as outlined in the section on third parties below.

1 Web servers
- Server logs
-- What we collect and why
Our web servers store a log of IP addresses as well as any pages within our website visited from that IP. This information allows us to monitor the security of our servers, reduce malicious use (for example Denial of Service attacks), and investigate any potential security breaches.

We don't use your IP addres information to identify you. The IP addresses of website users are not stored or linked with any other personal data (eg your name or email). Users of our Plugin Manager, which allows online activation of our plugins and checks for updates online, may have their plugin registration codes stored alongside their IP addresses. These aren't instantly identifiable (they look like this: CA-A012345678901234567890123456789012345678) but this data could be used to link your IP to your name and email address. We don't use it in that way, and after up to two days to allow automated security tools to analyze them those particular records are encrypted.

-- Timeline, sharing and lawful basis
We keep this data for 60 days as standard, but if we discover a potential security problem we might need to keep this data for longer while we analyze it. In general this information is not shared, but in the event of a security breach we may share this data with third party security experts (only where they meet all relevant data privacy regulations) or law enforcement. Our lawful basis for storing this data under the EU's General Data Protection Regulation is Legitimate Interest.

- Cookies
We use cookies to improve the security of forms on this site (by preventing certain types of attacks such as Cross Site Request Forgery) and to save some preferences to make navigation easier (eg if you prefer to use the mobile or desktop version of the site). We don't use cookies to track your use of this or any other site. We don't use third party analytics services to track your use of the site. This information is not stored on our servers.

2 Plugin licencing
-- What we collect and why
We keep a record of your name, email address and the details of products you've purchased through our resellers. When you activate your licence we additionally store the first 11 digits of your Cinema 4D serial number. We use this information to manage licencing and to protect our copyright by ensuring only licenced users have access to our software and after sales support (eg technical support and plugin serial updates when you upgrade your Cinema 4D licence).

-- Timeline, sharing and lawful basis
We keep this data permanently, and may occasionally share it with our resellers to verify your order information or where you've made a support request via a reseller rather than directly to us. Our lawful basis for storing this data under the EU's General Data Protection Regulation is Legitimate Interest.

- Old plugin versions
The most recent versions of our plugins only require registration for the full versions (demo versions and our free plugins can now be used without supplying any personal data to us). However if you're using or have used older versions of our demo, free or bonus plugins we also store your name and email address as part of the activation process for those versions. We've deleted all data for demo activations older than a month, and will continue to delete those periodically until everyone is using the new demo versions that don't need activation. We will keep the data for free and bonus activations as they may be needed to keep your licences working if you're using older versions - please get in touch if you'd like us to delete your old activations relating to our free, bonus or demo plugins and we will do that manually (you can use the Request your data form to see what activations we have linked to your email address).

3 Newsletter
-- What we collect and why
If you sign up to our newsletter, either through our website's sign up form or by opting in during our reseller's checkout process, we'll store your name and email address. We'll use this to send you occasional email newsletters regarding our business, such as new plugin releases.

-- Timeline, sharing and lawful basis
You can unsubscribe at any time by following the unsubscribe link in our newsletters, or using our unsubscribe form - any newsletters that are already in our outbox at the time you unsubscribe will still be sent to you. If you unsubscribe we'll remove your name and email from our database unless we're also storing them for our plugin licencing. Removed data may still be stored in encrypted backups for up to 30 days before being permanently deleted, these backups are required to continue service for other users as quickly as possible in case the data on our servers is lost (eg due to malfunction).

We don't share this information except as required for the practical purpose of sending the newsletter via our email service provider (we need to tell them what email addresses to send the newsletter to), or as required by law. Our lawful basis for storing this data under the EU's General Data Protection Regulation is Consent.

4 Third party services
We contract with third parties where their expertise allows them to provide services with more security and better functionality than we could provide ourselves. These third parties may also store your personal data. Some of this data is shared with us, but except as outlined in the previous sections it isn't stored on our servers. We've included a summary of the data we expect them to hold as well as links to their own Privacy Policies so you can access the full information.

- Our resellers collect and store your order details, and share your name, physical address, email and details of the items you've purchased with us. They do not share your payment details with us. Fastspring is our primary reseller, when you buy via the links on our store you are purchasing through Fastspring, their Privacy Policy can be found here. Our other resellers are Toolfarm ( and Helloluxx (

- Our email services are provided by Google. All order information from our resellers is emailed to us and so resides on Google's servers. All support requests, sales enquiries, newsletters or other emails sent to or by us, including the email addresses they are sent from or to, also resides there. Google's Privacy Policy can be found here.

- We use Freshdesk's support service to manage requests for technical support, so any emails you send to will additionally be stored at Freshdesk. Their Privacy Policy is here

- We also use Youtube, Google's streaming video service, to host our tutorial videos. When you watch those videos, either embedded on our or other websites or directly on our Youtube page, Google will collect some data. They use this for their advertising, as well as to generate anonymous viewing statistics which are shared with us.

- We have a Twitter account, and if you interact with us using Twitter they will keep a record of that interaction, as well as share it with us and the world. Twitter's Privacy Policy is here.

5 Changes
We may change some aspects of this privacy policy in the future. The current policy will always be accessible at this link. We will never change our policy to allow us to sell, rent or trade your data. We won't change our policy to allow sharing your data beyond what's required to sell and support our plugins, maintain the security of our services, or as required by law.