Plugin Manager

Q: I've updated/activated all my Curious Animal plugins, but the Plugin Manager still pops up asking me to update/activate them, what's going on?
A: You may be using an old version of the Plugin Manager - please install the latest version, available here. We also recommend deleting any versions of the Plugin Manager you have installed older than version 1.56 - they had some bugs that made them incompatible with other versions, and many customers using those versions aren't being told about updates to the Plugin Manager itself. These bugs are fixed in the latest version, but please get in touch with us at support@curiousanimal.tv if you continue to have any problems after updating.

Q: Do I need to install the Plugin Manager on my render client installs?
A: No - Team Render Client and Command Line installs of Cinema 4D don't need the Plugin Manager to use our plugins - just copy the plugin folders over from your workstation install of Cinema 4D.


Q: Why does my activation say it is 'Temporary'?
A: Temporary licences allow us to have our new 30 Day Guarantee (see our Refund Policy for more details) - your temporary serial gives you access to the full version of the plugin but will expire if you ask for a refund or after about 2 months. Your permanent serial will be downloaded automatically 1-2 weeks after your 30 day refund period is over. If your temporary serial expires (and you haven't asked for a refund) make sure you're connected to the internet and activate again using your activation code, or get in touch with us if you need to do a manual activation.

Q: Can I use my plugin licences with Team Render Client or Command Line installs of Cinema 4D?
A: Yes - if you've purchased at least one perpetual licence for one of our plugins you can install that plugin on any number of your Team Render Client and Command Line installs of Cinema 4D. Or if you have at least one current Subscription licence, you can install all the plugins included with the Subscription on any number of those installs.

Q: If I have an MSA, with rights to install Cinema 4D on two computers with a single licence, can I also install your plugins on both computers with only one licence?
A: Yes - normally each of our plugin licences entitles you to install and use that plugin with one workstation install of Cinema 4D, however if you have an MSA licence with rights to install on two computers you can install that plugin on both computers so long as you only use one install at a time.

Q: Do Curious Animal plugins work with Cinema 4D's License Server?
A: Yes - but you'll need to ensure you purchase the same number of plugin licences as are served by your Licence Server serial to get a working plugin licence. You can find the correct number in your Licence Server manager.
This doesn't apply to our Subscription licences - you can use any number of these licences with a Licence Server.

Q: My company uses Cinema 4D's License Server, and I've just bought a Curious Animal plugin license, but I didn't buy the right number of licenses, now what?
A: Don't worry - the activation code our store sent you won't work in this case, but get in touch with support and we'll help make sure you get the right number of licenses, or offer you a refund if you'd prefer not to buy more licences and you meet the refund eligibility criteria (see our Refund Policy for details).


Q: I've just upgraded to the latest version of Cinema 4D, but my Curious Animal Activation Code isn't working with the new install, how do I fix that?
A: First, check the product page to make sure the plugin supports the new version of Cinema 4D. Then you can get updated Activation Codes to work with your new version of Cinema 4D for free here.

Cinema 4D compatibility

Q: Do your plugins work with the Lite version of Cinema 4D that comes with After Effects?
A: No - this version of Cinema 4D doesn't support C++ plugins, which include all our plugins (as well as many plugins from other developers). If you've bought any of our plugin licences hoping to use them with the Lite version of Cinema 4D please get in touch as your order may be refundable (see our Refund Policy for more details on refund eligibility).


These questions apply to purchases made through our store, for purchases made through our resellers please refer to their site for support.

Q: I've just bought one of your plugins, but my activation code hasn't arrived yet, where is it?
A: Fastspring, who handles the sales for our store, is very good at sending out activation codes very quickly after your purchase (usually straightaway) - so in most instances if you can't see their email it's probably ended up in your spam folder. If it's not been spammed and it hasn't arrived within a few minutes, let us know and we'll sort it out.

In very rare circumstances we may have to generate your activation code manually, if this is the case please get in touch and we'll get you your code as soon as possible.

If your question isn't answered here, you can ask us at support@curiousanimal.tv.