Updates for new EU Data protection laws

The EU's new data protection and privacy law, General Data Protection Regulation, is coming into force soon, and we're making some updates to keep up with those. These are mainly aimed to reduce the amount of data we hold on our servers (we'll keep less data, and delete some data that isn't required anymore).

The first changes that are already implemented are:
- You can now see what data we hold about you using this form.
- All our standalone bonus plugins are now free for everyone, and our free plugins no longer require activation codes. They still need the Plugin Manager to run, but we'll be making changes to that soon that remove the registration requirement, so you'll be able to use our free plugins without sending us any personal data.

With these changes we're also ending support for Cinema 4D R13 and 14 for all our plugins (some already required R15 as a minimum) - your existing activations of our plugins in R13 and 14 will of course still work.

We have some more changes to make still and I'll update the blog when they're ready.
Posted April 13, 2018