More updates for new EU Data protection laws

Recently I talked about some updates we've been making to meet the requirements of the EU's upcoming GDPR. We've now finished updating our plugins and server to ensure we're collecting less personal data, and removing that data more quickly when it's no longer required. You can see our updated Privacy Policy for the full details, and I've included a brief summary of the changes since our last update below.

- Last time I'd removed the activation requirement for our free plugins. I've now updated the demo versions of all our plugins so they no longer require activation, and the Plugin Manager no longer requires registration. This means that if you're using the latest versions of our plugins and only want to use our free or demo plugins, you can do so without sending any personal data to us (our servers will still record your IP address, however we don't use this data to identify you).
- We've updated our servers to delete old data more effectively, for example if you unsubscribe from our newsletter and don't have any activation codes stored on our server we'll delete your name and email address from our database (it will then take a little while longer for that data to be completely flushed from our system as it will be held in an encrypted backup for 30 days). We also hold server logs for a shorter period of time and we encrypt any that could be linked to you personally using other data we hold about you (again, we don't use your IP address to identify you though).

- We've removed the data from our old serial server, so if you haven't converted to the current system yet (although most of you have as it's been going for a few years now!) you won't be able to do it automatically anymore - we still have the data offline so you can get in touch and I'll generate converted serials for you manually.

If you have any questions about our new Privacy Policy or the other changes we've made in the lead up to the GDPR, please don't hesitate to get in touch.
Posted May 22, 2018