Grid Discontinuing

I'm very sad to announce that we'll be discontinuing Grid, and won't be selling any new licences for it. Thanks to everyone who supported it, your existing licences will still work with Cinema 4D R15-19, however Grid won't be updated to work with R20 or receive any other updates.

I've made this decision as Grid is a very big plugin and simply doesn't have enough users to justify the expense of maintaining it. We're announcing this now in the hope that we can give you plenty of time to make plans for any existing projects that use Grid prior to the next release of Cinema 4D.

We've reduced the price of subscriptions to reflect Grid no longer being supported, if you have an existing subscription your payments will be reduced automatically from your next billing cycle. Despite the reduction subscription users will still be able to use Grid with C4D R15-19, but it will be unsupported.
Posted March 26, 2018