Cinema 4D R21 Compatibility is here

Hi everyone, after another big Cinema 4D update our plugins are finally ready to go with R21!

You'll need new versions of our plugins to work with R21. To get started download and install the latest R21 compatible version of our Plugin Manager, which will help you download the correct versions. Edit: oops, I forgot the link for getting new Activation Codes to work with R21 - you can get updated Activation Codes here.

The biggest change you might have heard about already is the new licencing for C4D, which effects how plugins are licenced too. You won't have an 11 digit serial anymore, instead you'll have a unique user ID you use to login to C4D, and a unique system ID for each computer you use to install on. Our plugins use both of those IDs when activating your licences, which has some pros and cons.

Studios running licence servers can buy any number of plugin licences to run with R21, woo! But it'll be a bit harder to move licences - for example if your computer implodes or you upgrade one too many of your PC's components your system ID will change and your plugin licences won't work again straightaway, yuck.

To make that easier to deal with I've created a deactivation form which will help you cancel your old activation, so you can reuse it on the new machine. Our server will also allow you to activate on a second machine, eg your workstation and your laptop, obviously those aren't both meant to be used at the same time. If you need to frequently move our plugins around between more than two machines you should use our Curious Animal C4D Plugin Subscription instead.

Edit: fields were introduced in R20 to replace falloffs, and our falloff plugins don't work with R21, see the R20 compatibility announcement for more details.

Happy C4Ding!

Posted September 30, 2019