C4D Python Party: Bend Chain

The noble Bend Deformer is one of the true workhorses of the Cinema 4D deformer world - I use it in almost every project. But when you want to add several bends in sequence things can get tricky, especially when you'd like to animate those bends - so you often have to resort to something more complicated like a Spline Wrap, which in turn is even harder to animate accurately. Bendchain helps out by automatically locking your sequence of bends together - so when you change a bend earlier in the chain, the bends further up follow along.

To install the script:
1 Download it here (it's a freebie)
2 Unzip it into your scripts folder (eg "C:\Program Files\MAXON\CINEMA 4D R13\library\scripts\" on Windows, or "/Applications/MAXON/CINEMA 4D R13/library/scripts/" on OSX)

To use the script:
1 Select the Bend Deformers you want to rig, in the order you want them chained.
2 Run the script (click 'Script' > 'User Scripts' > 'bendchain').
3 Change the settings of your bend deformers, and watch them follow each other around!

This version of Bendchain doesn't work with the Bend Deformer's 'Angle' setting, so it'll be be locked to 0 when the rig is applied. It also only works when 'Keep Y-Axis Length' is on, and the script will automatically turn that setting on when you use it. I might fix these things in future versions, but also feel free to mess about with the code yourself to try and get them working.
Posted April 22, 2014