The Age Of Plugins: PolyEdge Spline

Here it is - the sad and inevitable end of The Age Of Plugins. It's not really that sad because it means we're releasing one last plugin - PolyEdge Spline. PolyEdge Spline is free for everyone, and it generates a spline object based on a polygon object's edge selection (kind of like using the 'Edge to Spline' command, but maintaining a live link between the spline and your object).

I've had a lot of fun during The Age Of Plugins, and I hope you have too! I also hope some of the plugins we've released help you make awesome stuff, please let me know if you've found them useful.

Here's a recap of all the other releases we made during The Age Of Plugins - we started with Shadow Falloff, then Cluster Effector, Velocity Effector and Snap Deformer.

That's it! We'll see you again soon.
Posted November 29, 2017