Siggraph 2017 Sale

We're having a sale for Siggraph 2017! From July 30 to August 4 you can get 25% off all our plugins, including packs and combos, or get the first month free on our Curious Animal C4D Plugin Subscription.
Posted July 27, 2017

The Age Of Plugins

We're ushering in The Age Of Plugins with Shadow Falloff, a free plugin for Cinema 4D. Use it to limit the effect of your Mograph effectors and deformers to an object's shadow.

But wait what's The Age Of Plugins? I haven't had as much time this year to dedicate to plugins, but I did take a couple of weeks recently to go through my notebooks and develop some little plugins I'd been hoping to try out for a while. The result is five plugins that we'll be releasing soon, one per month, some free for everyone like Shadow Falloff and some as bonuses for our paying customers.

I hope you enjoy, and you can sign up to our newsletter to find out when The Age Of Plugins continues!
Posted July 16, 2017

C4D Python Party: Retiming Caches

Control time! Not space though, just time, with this script at least. If you're working with Mograph and get asked to make something just a tad slower here but quicker there to match the timings of something else in your animation, or maybe you'd like to ramp up the speed of a rigid body simulation, then this is the script for you - you can use it to retime your caches with an animation curve, similar to the retiming feature in After Effects. It also works with Alembic generators and the Point Cache Tag so it's a pretty versatile way to control time in your projects.

To install the script:
1 Download it here (it's a freebie)
2 Unzip it into your scripts folder (eg "C:\Program Files\MAXON\CINEMA 4D R18\library\scripts\" on Windows, or "/Applications/MAXON/CINEMA 4D R18/library/scripts/" on OSX)

To use the script:
1 Select the object whose cache you'd like to retime (this can be an Alembic generator, a polygon object with a Point Cache Tag, or any of the Mograph generators so long as you've given it a Mograph Cache Tag).
2 Run the script (click 'Script' > 'User Scripts' > 'cache_retimer').
3 Change the animation curve for the 'Frame' value in the new Python script tag that gets added to your object - flatter curves are slower, steeper curves are faster, and you can make your cache go backwards by setting the slope downwards.

Handy hints
While Point Cache and Mograph Cache Tags can interpolate frames, Alembic generators don't - so if you slow them down with this script they might judder along as each cache frame takes up multiple frames in your scene. To avoid this you can increase the 'Subframes' value in the Alembic Export Settings so there's some inbetween frame information to use when slowing down your Alembic.

The Cache Retimer script doesn't work on Dynamics Body Tag caches, but it does work on Mograph Cache Tags and Point Cache Tags. You can use rigid body dynamics via the Mograph objects (eg applied to a Cloner or Fracture object with your dynamic objects inside), cache the animation with a Mograph Cache Tag instead of within the dynamics tag, and then retime that. For soft body dynamics you can try adding a Point Cache Tag to retime (this will only work if you've made the object editable).

If you later remove the script make sure to set your cache's 'Offset' (for Mograph Cache and Point Cache Tags) or 'Start of Animation' (for Alembic generators) back to 0.

Read on to go deeper into the code...
Posted June 20, 2017

Populate version 1.06 released

We've just released version 1.06 of Populate, which includes two nifty new features. This update is free for licensed users, and is available now via our Plugin Manager in Cinema 4D.

The video above shows the new 'Multiply original value' range type which allows you to randomly squash or stretch cerain parameters (vectors and some number types). The video below shows the new control over time parameters - in this case to offset an alembic cache.

Posted June 16, 2017

Cyber Monday Sale 2016

We've got lots of great discounts coming up this weekend! From Friday to Monday (November 25th to 28th) you'll be able to get:

The first 3 months of subscriptions for free! You can cancel subscriptions online anytime* - cancel before the end of your third month to avoid paying anything.

20% off Populate, Mega Deformer Pack, Super Deformer Pack, Fallofftopia and all of our combos.

40% off all our other individual plugins!

*If you cancel your subscription during the first or second month you'll lose the remaining discount - you won't be able to use it on a later subscription. Cancelled subscriptions will continue for the remainder of their current subscription period. You can find details on how to cancel here.
Posted November 21, 2016

Populate has launched

Populate has launched! Populate is our latest Cinema 4D plugin, extending Mograph by giving you access to a much wider range of object parameters.

Special launch pricing is available for earlybirds, with 25% off the regular price until 11:59pm on July 12 (UTC).

There's a demo available via our Plugin Manager, and the download includes some example scenes to help get you started.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this release possible - including all you fantastic beta testers who generously took the time to test Populate and send feedback about bugs and feature suggestions, the launch version of Populate is much improved thanks to your efforts. And a very special thanks as always to Rachael, and now Ada :)

I hope you enjoy Populate!
Posted July 06, 2016

Populate Bottles teaser

Have a quick sneak peek of Populate in action! There's not long to go now, sign up to our newsletter for updates on the launch.
Posted June 29, 2016

Subscription Sale

If you're interested in our Curious Animal C4D Plugin Subscription, now's the best time to start one, here's why:

1 It gives you access to all our current Cinema 4D plugins for a reasonable monthly fee.

2 When Populate is released all current subscribers will get access to that too.

3 Your monthly fee for existing subscriptions will stay the same even after Populate is released.

4 And - if you use the coupon code PREPOPSUB at checkout before 11.59pm on the 17th June 2016 (UTC) you'll get 50% off your subscription fee for the first 4 months! You can cancel your subscription at any time, but if you keep it going beyond those four months you'll pay the current standard subscription fee, not the higher post-Populate price.
Posted June 15, 2016