More updates for new EU Data protection laws

Recently I talked about some updates we've been making to meet the requirements of the EU's upcoming GDPR. We've now finished updating our plugins and server to ensure we're collecting less personal data, and removing that data more quickly when it's no longer required. You can see our updated Privacy Policy for the full details, and I've included a brief summary of the changes since our last update below.

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Posted May 22, 2018

Updates for new EU Data protection laws

The EU's new data protection and privacy law, General Data Protection Regulation, is coming into force soon, and we're making some updates to keep up with those. These are mainly aimed to reduce the amount of data we hold on our servers (we'll keep less data, and delete some data that isn't required anymore).

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Posted April 13, 2018

NAB 2018 sale

All our perpetual plugin licences are 15% off for NAB 2018! The sale runs until April 14.
Posted April 07, 2018

Grid Discontinuing

I'm very sad to announce that we'll be discontinuing Grid, and won't be selling any new licences for it. Thanks to everyone who supported it, your existing licences will still work with Cinema 4D R15-19, however Grid won't be updated to work with R20 or receive any other updates.

I've made this decision as Grid is a very big plugin and simply doesn't have enough users to justify the expense of maintaining it. We're announcing this now in the hope that we can give you plenty of time to make plans for any existing projects that use Grid prior to the next release of Cinema 4D.

We've reduced the price of subscriptions to reflect Grid no longer being supported, if you have an existing subscription your payments will be reduced automatically from your next billing cycle. Despite the reduction subscription users will still be able to use Grid with C4D R15-19, but it will be unsupported.
Posted March 26, 2018

The Age Of Plugins: PolyEdge Spline

Here it is - the sad and inevitable end of The Age Of Plugins. It's not really that sad because it means we're releasing one last plugin - PolyEdge Spline. PolyEdge Spline is free for everyone, and it generates a spline object based on a polygon object's edge selection (kind of like using the 'Edge to Spline' command, but maintaining a live link between the spline and your object).

I've had a lot of fun during The Age Of Plugins, and I hope you have too! I also hope some of the plugins we've released help you make awesome stuff, please let me know if you've found them useful.

Here's a recap of all the other releases we made during The Age Of Plugins - we started with Shadow Falloff, then Cluster Effector, Velocity Effector and Snap Deformer.

That's it! We'll see you again soon.
Posted November 29, 2017

Black Friday Sale 2017

Woo our Black Friday sale is nearly here! From November 24-27 get 40% off perpetual licences for all our Cinema 4D plugins - including packs and combos! Or you can try out our Curious Animal C4D Plugin Subscription, with the first 3 months free (cancel before the end of your third month and you won't have to pay a thing).

Posted November 23, 2017

The Age Of Plugins: Snap Deformer

The Age Of Plugins continues inexorably forwards with Snap Deformer, a new deformer plugin for Cinema 4D that snaps your objects' points to a custom grid.

Snap Deformer is a bonus plugin, which means it's available to anyone who has purchased a perpetual licence for any of our plugins, as well as anyone with an active plugin subscription.

There's only one month left in The Age Of Plugins! This is the fourth release, after Shadow Falloff, Cluster Effector and Velocity Effector. Sign up to our newsletter to find out when the final plugin is released!
Posted October 19, 2017

The Age Of Plugins: Velocity Effector

The Age Of Plugins moves inevitably forwards with Velocity Effector, a new plugin for Cinema 4D that modifies your Mograph clones based on their speed and direction, and which is free for everyone.

There are still two months left in The Age Of Plugins, which means two more plugins still to be released! To recap, The Age Of Plugins has seen three new plugins released so far, including Velocity Effector - the other two are and Shadow Falloff and Cluster Effector. Sign up to our newsletter to find out what happens next!
Posted September 26, 2017