Cinema 4D R20 compatibility

You've probably heard by now that Cinema 4D R20 includes some major changes for plugins, which have influenced our compatibility this time round.

First of all no plugins built for prior versions will work with R20, so copying plugins from your R19 or earlier plugins folders won't work for R20. Instead please:
1 Download our latest Plugin Manager, which includes R20 support.
2 Then get your new plugin Activation Codes to work with R20 using our Updated Licence Form.
3 Install the new Plugin Manager in your R20 plugins folder, start C4D, and open the Plugin Manager - it will take you through the process of activating and downloading the correct versions of our plugins for R20.

The main change for us is Fields - these are awesome! But they replace falloffs. We've updated most of our falloffs to work with R20 anyway to help you transition old projects - I say most because unfortunately Noise Falloff and Boole Falloff just don't work with R20, Super Source Falloff and our free falloffs are working. Fields pretty well cover all the features available in Fallofftopia so we won't be developing fields versions of these, although we still support them for R15-19. As I mentioned earlier Grid will not be supported for R20. There is also no R20 version of our free Falloff Sampler Shader. (Edit: falloff plugins in R20 only have legacy support, you'll be able to see our falloffs if you open a project from R19 or older that already uses them, but any new projects will only have access to fields. That excludes our falloff plugins at least for now, in future I might convert some of our free falloffs to fields). (Another edit: I forgot to mention any X-Particles support in our plugins is turned off for R20. This should be temporary, after Insydium release their updated X-Particles SDK that supports R20 I'll be able to add this back in).

All our other paid and free plugins are working now with R20. As some code changes were required there's always a chance that new bugs will pop up so if anything doesn't seem to work as it did previously please get in touch to let us know.

Happy C4Ding!
Posted August 24, 2018

More updates for new EU Data protection laws

Recently I talked about some updates we've been making to meet the requirements of the EU's upcoming GDPR. We've now finished updating our plugins and server to ensure we're collecting less personal data, and removing that data more quickly when it's no longer required. You can see our updated Privacy Policy for the full details, and I've included a brief summary of the changes since our last update below.

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Posted May 22, 2018

Updates for new EU Data protection laws

The EU's new data protection and privacy law, General Data Protection Regulation, is coming into force soon, and we're making some updates to keep up with those. These are mainly aimed to reduce the amount of data we hold on our servers (we'll keep less data, and delete some data that isn't required anymore).

Read on to find out what changes we've made so far...
Posted April 13, 2018