Activation server shutdown

I've just shut down our Activation server. This follows along from last year, as most of you will already know we discontinued all our C4D plugins. Anyone still relying on that server might get a bit of a shock, but please go and download the latest, free, and unsupported versions of our plugins that don't need activating here.
Posted February 22, 2021

The Plugin Archive

Earlier in the year I announced that we would be discontinuing all our plugins, and that I'd work on a way to ensure all our customers have access to the plugins they've licenced.

I've now completed that work by releasing the plugins for free, available in this archive of all our Curious Animal plugins for Cinema 4D.

I'll keep our licencing server running for a while longer to give everyone time to download the free versions (and in case there are any snags with the latest builds!), but I will be turning it off sometime early next year so please do download as soon as possible - once the server is turned off you won't be able to make new activations with the old versions.

I hope you continue to enjoy the plugins in this new form!
Posted October 09, 2020

Curious Animal Plugins Discontinuing

Hi everyone,
I've a bit of sad announcement to make, which is that we're discontinuing all our plugins. We won't be supporting any further versions of Cinema 4D beyond R21 and we're no longer selling any new licences, although of course all your existing licences will still work - our servers will keep running until I come up with a more permanent solution to giving you plugin access. Additionally any current subscriptions will continue to run for free.

You might be wondering - why have I made this decision? I write plugins on top of being a freelance motion designer and a dad, and over the last few years maintenance issues (like the introduction of GDPR, and keeping on top of C4D updates and licencing changes) have taken up so much time that I haven't had any time to work on actual plugins. Each time one of those issues pops up I think that'll be the last of the busywork and then I'll be able to get back to making things - but new ones just keep popping up, like a nasty bureaucratic hydra. That's part of running a business, but it's gotten to the point that it's unfortunately not sustainable for me anymore, and like a lot of people my family and I are stuck at home because of Covid-19 - so we've had to think a lot harder recently about what can fit into our lives.

I'd like to thank everyone who has supported us over the years - all our lovely customers, our resellers, beta testers, and anyone who spoke about us on social media or elsewhere. We wouldn't have gotten this far without you, thank you!

So what'll I do now? I'll be freelancing still of course (, I'm working on independent animation projects (, and most importantly I'll be Dadding for my two daughters, so I'll be plenty busy for the rest of my days.

Last but not least I'll be working out a new and permanent way for everyone to use their plugin licences, and I'll announce that here once it's ready.

Posted June 02, 2020