C4D Python Party: Absolute Falloff Width

This is a quick little script to help when animating Mograph effector falloffs in Cinema 4D. Usually when you make your falloffs bigger or smaller their width (the space between the red and the yellow lines) scales accordingly - but sometimes you want to keep that width consistent as you animate the falloff's size. That's what this script helps you with!

To install the script:
1 Download it here (it's a freebie)
2 Unzip it into your scripts folder (eg "C:\Program Files\MAXON\CINEMA 4D R15\library\scripts\" on Windows, or "/Applications/MAXON/CINEMA 4D R15/library/scripts/" on OSX)

To use the script:
1 Select the effector (or deformer that includes a falloff tab) you want to rig.
2 Run the script (click 'Script' > 'User Scripts' > 'consistentfalloffedgewidth').
3 Change the 'Falloff Width' value in the new Python script tag that gets added to your effector.
4 Animate your falloff's size or scale, and relax as your falloff's width is kept consistent automatically!
Posted July 26, 2014

More Motion Stretch Updates

We've just released Motion Stretch v1.20! It's also available as part of our Mega Deformer Pack.

The main updates are to Motion Stretch's cache system - it now interpolates the cache when you're rendering at a different frame rate to your project, making it much easier to use for people who need to target multiple video formats. There's also a new extrapolation option to let you loop the cache if your animation precedes or continues beyond your cached time range, handy for animation loops.

These updates are ready to download on the product pages, and they're free for existing licence owners. Enjoy!
Posted July 14, 2014
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