Curious Animal Plugin Manager

We've been working on our new Plugin Manager to work with our Cinema 4D plugins for a little while - and now it's ready! From today when you download any of our plugins from their pages in our shop you'll find they all include a Plugin Manager folder - just install this in your Cinema 4D plugins folder alongside the latest versions of our plugins (older plugin versions won't work with the Plugin Manager) to get it working.

The included manual goes into detail about how to use it - but basically you use the Plugin Manager instead of Cinema 4D's Personalize dialog to register and trial our plugins, and you can access it from the 'Plugins' menu.

The Plugin Manager has a few advantages over our old serial system, including:
- It can tell you about updates to activated plugins;
- Demos are a bit less annoying now, with fewer pop ups, and run for 45 days;
- It lets us have a slightly more generous refund policy;
- More to come!

Posted January 24, 2015

End of Year Sale 2014

We're running an End of Year Sale, with everything 20% off until December 12 - check out our store to see all our available Cinema 4D plugins.

Update: Our End of Year Sale is over! Thanks to everyone who's been talking about and buying our plugins this year, your support is amazing - we're looking forward to making more great plugins next year!
Posted December 08, 2014
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