New Membrane Deformer Plugin

Here's our latest deformer plugin for Cinema 4D - Membrane Deformer! This one is designed to make a portion of your model stretch between its surrounds - great for creature effects like webbed feet, bat wings and stretchy alien jaws. This video shows you the basics, and you can try out the demo available on the product page.

Special thanks to Chiny and Tim for their help with beta testing, and to Rachael who's put up with a whole bunch of excited maths rants.
Posted September 28, 2014

Cinema 4D R16 compatibility

Now that Cinema 4D R16 has been released we've been testing our plugins with it to make sure everything works. The good news is that all our current versions do still work in R16, so we can now officially support it and if you're already using the latest versions you'll just need an updated serial, which you can get from our handy Cinema 4D Upgrade form.

If you're not using the latest versions, you can download them on their product pages in our online shop.

As usual if you notice anything awry please let us know.

Enjoy R16!
Posted September 05, 2014
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