Introducing Falloff Sampler Shader

Hi everyone, here's our latest bonus plugin for Cinema 4D - Falloff Sampler Shader. It's a handy little shader that lets you create gradients in your materials based on the falloff of a Mograph Effector in your scene.

As it's a bonus plugin, Falloff Sampler Shader is free for our customers who already own a licence for any of our paid plugins.

Posted October 22, 2014

New Membrane Deformer Plugin

Here's our latest deformer plugin for Cinema 4D - Membrane Deformer! This one is designed to make a portion of your model stretch between its surrounds - great for creature effects like webbed feet, bat wings and stretchy alien jaws. This video shows you the basics, and you can try out the demo available on the product page.

Special thanks to Chiny and Tim for their help with beta testing, and to Rachael who's put up with a whole bunch of excited maths rants.
Posted September 28, 2014
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