Plugin Showcase: Super Deformer Pack in TV6 idents by weareseventeen

Recently I had the pleasure of working with the nice people at London studio weareseventeen as part of the animation team for two of these Viasat TV6 idents - 'Glamour' and 'Food'. The other half of the animation team for those idents was Mark Lindner, who also animated the 'Architecture' ident, and we worked alongside the design, direction and production powers of weareseventeen.

This was especially fun for me as weareseventeen are kitted out with our Super Deformer Pack plugins for Cinema 4D, and when we started this project it was apparent that there were several set ups for which those deformers would come in handy. So I'm going to talk a bit in this post about how we used the Super Deformer Pack plugins to help rig and animate parts of these idents.

Posted March 26, 2014

New Boole Falloff Plugin

We've just released a new falloff plugin, Boole Falloff, which you can use to combine two existing falloffs into a new falloff shape. You can have one falloff cut out the other, create a new shape based on their intersections, or simply add them together. This video tutorial shows the basics of using the plugin, by creating an animated mask for a falloff shape.
Posted February 03, 2014